Greg Trine

When Greg Trine was in seventh grade, his mother dropped him off at soccer practice and then promptly forgot she had a son at soccer practice. Some hours later, Greg found himself alone in a dark city park, thinking of monsters and other things that go bump in the night. This experience lead to his latest book, Willy Maykit in Space, about a boy who is left behind on a far-away planet, which one reviewer called, “a book by Greg Trine.”

Sometimes referred to as the Bob Newhart of children’s literature, Greg writes books that are humorous without being over-the-top silly, which makes his books not only popular with kids, but with teachers, librarians, and parents. He’s also a popular school presenter.

Greg grew up on the tough streets of Bellevue, Washington, where he learned the value of chocolate milkshakes and red licorice. These days he resides in California with his family and black Labrador, Montana the wonder dog. Greg’s other books include the Melvin Beederman Superhero series, The Second Base Club, and The Adventures of Jo Schmo. Drop on by his website at



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