Wade Bradford

Wade Bradford was born and raised in the often wet and sometimes windy state of Washington. At the age of 19, he moved to the often sunny and sometimes shaky state of California. He teaches English at Moorpark College and is the official “Guide to Plays and Drama” at About.com. In 2011, his first picture book, Why Do I Have to Make My Bed? (edited by Red Fox Literary agent Abigail Samoun) was published by Tricycle Press/Random House. In a starred review, Publishers Weeklysaid of the book: “With its clever premise, keenly observed visual comedy, and easygoing pedagogy (an excellent afterword draws more directly on scholarship), this book deserves a place on the shelves next to the Magic School Bus series." In addition to writing picture books and novels, Wade has written over 22 plays, including CSI: Neverland, Promedy, and Tomorrow's Wish.



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